ELDRED STEVENSON is a composer, musician and teacher based in Bristol, UK. He was originally a self-taught musician and producer, and was involved in countless recording and performance projects between 1990 - 2010, most notably founding economically catastrophic improvisation 'cult' The Orange Show circa 2001.


Eldred studied composition and analysis at Bath Spa University with James Saunders, Roger Heaton and Joe Duddell between 2010 - 2015, where he was awarded the Robert Blackburn Prize for Composition. His work since 2010 is an exhaustive study of pattern, process, symmetry and logic, and the language  of 'non-doubling' harmony. 


UCLA are now hosting several full scores in their open archive! Thanks to UCLA and Kaleidoscope Ensemble for this opportunity. Follow this link to find full scores for Seven Sisters, Hinkley Point Blues & The Hall Of Twelve Columns;


Watch this space for more scores etc to follow, hopefully...

Also very excited to be involved in the forthcoming TOWARDS SOUND #1 exhibition at Hilbertraum, Berlin, curated by Ruth Wiesenfeld (see below). 

Lastly, there is now a YOUTUBE channel hosting various Apocrypha from the vaults. Almost everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. Until live music comes back I will keep adding more so keep coming back.....